The Journey

About The Journey from Root to Fruit with Jesus

THE JOURNEY from Root to Fruit with Jesus begins when a person comes to the end of their search and enters a new life in Christ. If you have never done that, please read “The Search”. There is a beginning point of everyone’s relationship with God, and THE JOURNEY is about what a person does after that and during their time of going through this life before eventually entering eternity in the presence of God.

When a child is born, the new infant has to learn to roll over, then sit up, and then crawl before they can walk. Once walking is mastered then life really becomes exciting. So too must new believers go through a similar process. THE JOURNEY from Root to Fruit with Jesus is a guide to show new followers of Christ how to grow and mature to the eventual point of being able to show others how to do the same. Once a person learns how to walk with God, the Christian life really become exciting. THE JOURNEY is not something to go alone but together with one or more believers.

THE JOURNEY from Root to Fruit with Jesus is modeled after the way in which Jesus interacted with His disciples. It started with individuals who wanted to be different than they were. Jesus on the front end of His time with them said, "Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men." "I will make you become..." Then it began as the disciples left behind who they once were in order to become more (Matt 4:18-22). Jesus then taught them what the gospel is. He then showed them how to live it out. Then He equipped them with intentional ministry opportunities with feedback. Finally, He commissioned them to be His ambassadors in the world. This is THE JOURNEY from Root to Fruit with Jesus!!

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