4.0 Be shown "the how"

Jesus endeavored not just to teach “the what” of the Christian life but also to model it for the disciples to see and catch… catch not just what He said, but also what He did (Mark 1:35-36). Even in His last breath, it was the "how" or "the way", that caused the centurion to be changed. (Mark 15:39)

4.1 Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Donald Whitney

This has been said about Don Whitney’s book:

"Donald Whitney writes in the spirit of Richard Foster and Dallas Willard. He unites the best of both of these fine authors--the bold practicality of Foster and the theological precision of Willard. In "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life," Whitney develops the classical Protestant teaching on the means for tapping into Christ's resurrection power. Like an experienced athletic coach, Whitney offers a spiritual workout routine that each reader can format into a personalized plan for growth in grace. Integrating scriptural wisdom, historic practice, Puritan theology, and relevant illustrations, Whitney weaves together a mosaic of "the habits of devotion and experiential Christianity that have been practiced by the people of God since biblical times" (p. 15, "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life")."

4.2 Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God – Henry Blackaby

Look at this reflection about “Experiencing God…”

"13 years ago when I became a Christian, it was a profession of faith in Jesus Christ that began the journey. This bible study leads to a deeper understanding on how to "do the will of God". This study will take you to places you have not thought of, and to places that many would rather not really go. This is the study that changed my life in my walk with God. It took me from convert to disciple."

4.3 The Biblical Financial Study – Crown Ministries

The Biblical Financial Study for JOURNEY GROUPS is a 10 week in-depth study of what Scripture teaches about money and possessions. Group Members have confirmed that marriages are being strengthened and individuals are finding their way out of debt. They are also becoming consistent savers, generous givers, and prudent consumers. Most importantly, people are entering into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as they learn to apply His Word. Groups meet for 2 hours every week and meetings include Scripture memorization and interactive discussions.

4.4 Questions for the Journey

This is a self-produced document of questions that people on THE JOURNEY are lead to create based on their experience thus far while on THE JOURNEY. The questions are given to fellow travelers in THE JOURNEY along with the permission to ask them for the purpose of mutual and invited accountability. (Proverbs 27:17)

4.5 Family

Part of THE JOURNEY is knowing “how to do” family in a God-honoring way which includes understanding and walking in biblical marriage, biblical manhood, biblical womanhood, and biblical parenting.

4.51 Biblical Marriage

Family Life - A Weekend to Remember - www.familylife.com
Home Builders Small Groups

4.52 Biblical Manhood - Men’s Fraternity

4.53 Biblical Womanhood - The New Eve

4.54 Biblical Parenting - Preparing for Adolescence