5.0 Be released "to serve"

According to the King Himself, serving in the Kingdom is not something that is negotiable. If anyone was in the position to be served, rather than serving others, it was Jesus… the King of kings. However, Mark 10:45. In order to serve to the best of one’s God-given ability and God-given giftings, he/she must know what ministry SHAPE they have, so…

5.1 Discover ministry S.H.A.P.E.

S – Spiritual Gift
H – Heart
A – Ability
P – Personality
E - Experience

Consider what has been said about S.H.A.P.E.:

"Get ready for an incredible journey! I loved the book material and feel inspired to live out the insights I have learned! Why? The information is shared in an inspiring, motivational manner and is filled with wisdom and suggestions about how to apply the content to your everyday living. The author walks you through a discovery of (1) who you are--that uniquely wonderful person God made you to be, (2) how to share who you are--through serving God and others, and (3) what to do next--ways to pass on what you've learned as you grow and invest in the lives of others. It's absolutely amazing and has changed the way I think and live. Wow"

5.2 Test the Water Ministry

Rather than committing to a year-long position, TBC wants to encourage Journeyers to test and see. There is nothing more discouraging than to be “stuck” in something you are not SHAPE'd for.